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Philosopher of the Sea

- The journeys of Sven Yrvind

Elderly sailor Sven Yrvind takes on a daring solo voyage from Ireland to New Zealand. What seems like a reckless journey on the unforgiving seas is also inner journey that prompts the thought - how do we wish to lead our lives?

Swedish adventurer Sven Yrvind being interview in the documentary film Philosopher of the Sea

Awards & Nominations:

March 2023  -  Stockholm City Film Festival  -  Best Documentary

April 2023  -  Tokyo Lift Off Festival  -  Official Selection

May 2023  -  Scandianvian International Film Awards  -  Honorable Mention

May 2023  -  Toronto Lift Off Festival  -  Official Selection


Feature Film & Television Productions
The Philosopher of the Sea is our first feature film production. For more information on our co-productions and other collaborations (since they are not all available for the public) please get in touch. 

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