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Philosopher of the Sea

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Sigge is back!

We once again got to produce the official trailer for the drama-comedy "Thunder in My Heart". This time for season 2, which is created and written by Amy Deasismont.

Season 2 picks up a year after the end of the first season, which left viewers with several question marks. The friends Sam (Alexander Abdallah), Antonia (Julia Lyskova) and Sigrid, "Sigge", (Amy Deasismont) mature at different rates. Antonia and Janice (Malin Persson) are more in love than ever and Sam has moved in with his new girlfriend Louise (Maia Hansson Bergqvist).

Sigge feels like the fifth wheel and has to deal with the fact that she messed it up with Sam, or did she really? In addition, Sigge has become resident with Agnetha (Christina Schollin) and all her rabbits. The show premieres on Viaplay April 23.


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