Let's play!

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

What we at The Motor love is to take a story and compress it down to its finest essentials.

Trailer, promo, EPK, showreel, call it what you want. From big drama shows, international films, sports and more recently... games! When it comes down to creativity we're bursting with it. That's where you come in. Because we want more, simply put, we want to play with you!

You've spent months and years developing a labor of love. Now you want to show it to the world. Make that first impression count!

So you'd like to know more about this ragtag team of misfits?

  • Andreas - Editing and motion graphics

  • Annika - Head of Excel and important stuff

  • Alex H - Photographer and D.O.P

  • Alex C - Enthusiastic gamer and designer

  • Guinness and Pollock - Mood managers

We don't like to brag... we love it! Here's a few of the awards that our little team has managed to scrap together.

  • 3 x Promax UK & Europe Gold

  • 4 x Promax Europe & World Silver

  • 3 x Guldägget

  • Stora PR Priset

  • 2 x 100-Wattaren

Feel free to contact us if you want to talk a bit about the process or if you need a quote for our services