Philosopher of the Sea

When you break free from the shackles of society, some will call you a prophet and some will call you a fool. Sven Yrvind has experienced both. 


Yrvind is a living legend that holds the most records in sailing, has lectured for royalty and visited places few people have ever heard of.

He became legendary in the late 70s for being the most eccentric boat builder and fearless sailor of his time.

Yrvind lost his father in World War II, was beaten in school and sent to a boarding school for defiant children. He fled during his military service but ended up in prison. The only way out was to sign a paper that he was mentally ill. At young age Yrvind was already up against the society. So he built a simple rowing boat, started sailing the big world and became a hermit of the sea. 

He has since then filled his life with his own projects with the aim to be a free man. How many people can say they really made active decision on life choice, and not just followed a stream of expectations and preconceived opinions about how life should be lived?

At the age of 80, Yrvind is building his one-meter-wide sailing boat, which he will sail from Ireland over the Atlantic Ocean and round

Cape Horn in about 350 days without putting foot on dry land. Madness according to many, but Yrvind himself believes he is one of the few sane persons in the world.

Our goal with the documentary is to share Yrvind's remarkable stories and achievement and raise questions about our choice in life and inspire alternative ways of living. When more people become critical of today's society, and more people get stuck in the rat race, we have to ask the question. Is Yrvind really a fool or are we?

Philosopher of the sea




A cinematic, observational and character-driven documentary.

Produced by Annika Gritti. Directed and edited by Andreas Eidhagen.


It has been filmed in 10 countries over a period of 5 years. 

The spoken language in the film is Swedish and English.



Production start. Mainly working on Yrvinds "Next design" and focusing on 

travel from Dingle to Dunedin.

2018- 2020

Editing as well as filming. Research and interviews with key characters.


Majority of film has been filmed. A first 90 minute

edit has been finalized.


In contact with distributors

as well as key production members.



The film is planned for release on Viaplay in spring 2023. 

We are currently working with the post-production of the film such as editing, animation and soundtrack are currently being produced.

Feature Film & Television Productions
The Philosopher of the Sea is our first feature film production. For more information on our co-productions and other collaborations (since they are not all available for the public) please get in touch.